I haven’t seen a BFL round up in a while, so I thought I would have a crack at one. Here goes:

Aaron’s Rantblog is still all about Blogopoly.
Ith weighs in on checks and balances.
The Angry Clam has some suggestions on things we can cut out of the state budget so we can keep more important things, like police and emergency services
Baldilocks serves up a smorgesborg of topics from Bush and homosexual marriage to Howard Stern and censorship.
McGehee of BlogoSFERICS isn’t buying Brown’s apology.
Da Boi thumbs his nose at gay rights action groups.
CalBlog husband questions the Democrat’s commitment to states rights. They certainly supported states rights when it came to Texas sodomy laws, didn’t they?
Eric Hogue notes that San Francisco’s illegal marriage licenses are a stew of litigative trouble waiting to boil over.
Citizen Smash busts the ancient “Myth of the Golden Lock Box”.
Cobb asks the question, “Now really, where is the persecution?”
BQ hopes we’re doing a better job at watching the U.N. than the Brits. Me too.
Dale Franks points out who is really creating a “wedge issue”…
…while Edward Davis notices same sex marriage is creating wedge — inside the Democratic party.
Fresh Potatoes is rooting for Kerry!
Howard Owens correctly points out the purpose of the Constitution.
Jockularocracy does his own version of “Wrapper’s Delight.”

That’s about half the list, but I have to get to work. Stay tuned for the other half.

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