Continuing the roundup…

Lil’ Miss Atilla isn’t pleased with GW. But that doesn’t mean she’s lost her head, either.

Mike is assaulting Feinstein’s assault on assault weapons. Yes, Mike, it is sometimes hard being a Californian.

Mr. Miller wonders how Hillary can be so out of touch with reality.

Molly has checked in (finally) to share that she’s checking out of CA.

Robert is still recovering from the Passion.

Martin says Bush has the advantage because this year’s election is all about jobs.

Happy Anniversary, Patrick! Slings & Arrows’ is right around the corner

Are you against religious discrimination? So is Patterico.

Why can’t we all (or at least one of us) just move on from Vietnam? asks Greg Ransom.

Speaking of Kerry’s Vietnam experience, Right on the Left Beach thinks that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Stefan Sharkansky reveals the backward superstitions of the unwashed, uneducated natives in one of the more remote areas of the nation.

The Southern California Law blog is the only BFL’er to follow trhough with covering the California grocery strike. I’m glad someone had the fortitude to stick it out.

The Accidental Jedi is finding out how wise her new husband is. I’m impressed. It usually takes husbands seven or eight years to figure out little things like this.

The Irish Las is hob-nobbing with big time California Republicans again. Hey! How about a review of the CAGOP convention?

The Lopsided Poopdeck points out yet another example that Kerry is informationally challenged. [If he were a Republican he'd be duwn-right dumb.]

Tom Smith has identified perhaps the worst job in history
Mitch is back from his ski trip with plenty to say on everything.

That wraps up the review. Enjoy!

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